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Mazal tov! You’re getting married! Let's plan a ceremony that will express your hopes and prayers for your marriage in the way that you want. I can perform the wedding, too.

Your ceremony will be based in the deep structure of the classical Jewish wedding, and we will work together so that your wedding will be meaningful to you and all who join you for this most joyous occasion. We'll work out all the details:

  • Whom will you honor with various responsibilities of the ceremony: eidim/witnesses, shushvinim/escorts, chuppah holders, et al?
  • What will your ketubah say?
  • How can the classical ceremony speak to you and your guests? How much explanation will be needed?
  • Do you want to put together a guide/"program" for your wedding?
  • What do you want to add to or modify in the ceremony to make it specially yours?

I will welcome your assembled guests and put them at ease and in a consciously festive mood, and they will truly fulfill the mitzvah of mesamei'ach chatan ve-kalah (making the groom and bride happy.)

Three important notes

  1. I am not an ordained rabbi or cantor.
    • I am registered clergy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which allows me to perform Jewish marriages. 
    • Rhode Island law permits me to act as an officiant for Jewish wedding ceremonies (see -- I have verified this with the state offices), and recognizes any Jewish wedding at which I officiate as valid.
    • For other states, I am glad to verify my standing and apply for reciprocity or temporary clergyship.
  2. If this is not your first marriage, please be sure to have documentation of your civil and Jewish divorces available for me to verify. I will not perform your wedding if you have not completed gerushin/Jewish divorce.
  3. Please, I perform weddings only in which both partners are Jewish. I respect your choice; please respect mine.
    RI law will not allow me to do otherwise.


My first tai chi teacher, Prof. Eugene Liu, used to say, "I can't charge you for tai chi -- tai chi is priceless. I can only charge you for my time."  In the same way, I can't charge you for the opportunity and privilege of bringing to fruition G!d's long-standing plan of zivug zugot/the pairing of couples. I can only charge you for my time. 

My basic fee is US$950, for any wedding location within a 1-hour drive of Waltham, MA. There is an additional charge of US$100 for each additional hour of total round-trip travel time.  My fee includes performing the ceremony, filing of any required paperwork (exclusive of filing fees), and up to 4 hours of consultation (in person or by telephone) on ceremony planning and/or general pre-marital discussions.  Additional consultation time is billed at $75.00/hour. You are also responsible for overnight accommodations, meals, or any other additional travel expenses, should they be necessary.

A non-refundable deposit of US$250 reserves your wedding date. An additional non-refundable deposit of $250 is due 4 months prior to your wedding date, Balance of total fees (remaining $450 of basic fee, additional consultation time, additional travel time and expenses, filing fees, etc.) is due before the ceremony the day of the wedding, and by 4pm Fridays for Saturday night weddings.

You wanted to know, so I told you!