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Nice things nice people have said about me

Haskama (approbation) from Reb Moshe Waldoks  

" inspirational leader, who has helped me on my journey to rediscover my Jewish roots and faith." -- Dr. Leah R. Cook (United Brothers Synagogue congregant)

"We asked him to perform the [Bar Mitzvah service] for our family. He was nothing short of wonderful--certainly knowledgeable, and also extremely personable and encompassing toward our guests, who were from varying faiths. He led the service with a friendly aplomb, taking the time to explain each step of the ceremony so everyone would understand what was taking place. After the service, our friends and family complimented him on his ability to make them feel comfortable, informed, and most especially, included. Several of our friends who had been to other bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies mentioned that Scott explained each step and action so thoroughly that they had never been so well educated or so fully understood what actually went on during this type of service." (Bar Mitzvah parents, Roslindale, MA)


From Minyan Katan, Lexington, MA, 2/25/2012

I was privileged to be invited to lead Shacharit and introduce some kavana techniques for Shema:

"I just want to thank you again for making our minyan so special yesterday.  I really meant what I said about the Shema as a forever-changed prayer (in a good way!) because of your insights and guidance.  Your davening is a special gift, and I am so grateful that we were the beneficiaries!"

"You know the Davvening Leadership Training Institute?  You don't need it."