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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation (for adults, too!)

Mazal tov! You've got a Bar/Bat Mitzvah coming up!

Allow me to offer the best preparation for this life transition. What does your son/daughter need/want to do?

  • Chant Torah?
  • Chant Haftarah?
  • Deliver a d'var Torah/derasha?
  • Lead part/all of the service?

I'm happy to work with him/her on any of it.

This is not just "tutoring".  I take a comprehensive approach, so that your son/daughter understands what they are doing as a real tribal rite of passage.

I have worked with all kinds of family situations.  I limit the number of students with whom I work, so your son/daughter will get the attention s/he needs.

I augment live face-to-face sessions with short on-line review sessions when needed. If you are reading this from anyplace outside the Massachusetts I-495 belt, I can do all preparation on-line.  Most kids love learning on-line, and it saves all of us lots of driving.

If you are not affiliated with a synagogue, I can help you design a meaningful service, and I can lead it.

What parents say

"Scott did a wonderful job preparing our son for his bar mitzvah. He has a genuine love for the material and for learning.  He knew just when to push and when to support our son.  He is an experienced and high quality tutor." (Cambridge, MA)

"Scott Tepper did a marvelous job coaching our son for his bar mitzvah. Scott was patient with him, explaining not only the mechanics of reading and chanting the text and prayers, but also the historical significance and rabbinical interpretations of the portion...A family seeking a tutor for their son or daughter who is a candidate for bar/bat mitzvah will be in the best possible hands with Scott Tepper. As a teacher and a ba'al tefillah, Scott is outstanding in his knowledge and experience, as well as a pleasure to work with."  (Roslindale, MA)

"We felt very lucky to have Scott as a tutor for our son. Our son looked forward to every session with Scott and when I picked him up, he was always enthusiastic about what they had worked on, whether it was leyning [Torah reading] or writing the d’var.

Scott is like a Sherpa, because he has the expertise, and knows the terrain so well that he was able to guide our son in any direction he wanted to go with his own observations about his parsha. As a result, we think our son came up with a pretty original teaching about Esau.  It was obvious that Scott’s own passion for Torah study motivated our son. For the whole 10 months of preparation, he was really excited about his Bar Mitzvah and was only saddened by the fact that it meant the end of his weekly meetings with Scott." (Roslindale, MA)

References available, of course.